27 de janeiro de 2011

Happy Birthday Mozart - From Brazil

Critics and handlers have always been there choosing what people should hear or not.
Today they are scattered in major newspapers defining and promoting mediocrity, thinking people will accept and endorse their truths! Bullshit. Great pride and lies! Critics invade networking sites and placing them choosing what is convenient and not cause them further damage. Why the truth hurts and genius to recognize that, but not able to recreate them or imitate them. Beauty is in the hands of grace and talent donated. The knowledge acquired only adds, not to describe the beauty.
Mozart is the child in music and music in children.
Happy Birthday Mozart.
Let your light reflected in her great song, can fill our minds lacking in purity and joy. A world where competition reigns and wars, you can still expand and souls and hearts.

3 comentários:

Harry Amon disse...

Lindo! Obrigado Maria! Saudações de Vienna:

Sonia Regly disse...

Um post que nos encanta. Adorei!!!
Obrigada por compartilhar conosco.

Eduardo disse...

Gostei do que vi por aqui! Se puder me faça uma visita. Um abraço!